Sunrise Shell Earrings
     Sunrise shells are found, if you are very blessed or lucky, both on our beautiful Kauai beaches,  and also by divers deep in the ocean. Matching up pairs of these sunrise shells in size, quality, and color is extremely hard to do... hence the price. They naturally form with a light side on the bottom and darker on the top, thus it is very hard to match, color size, and other features.       Sunrise shells are priced much like diamonds because there are so many factors.  Some are personal preference and some are legend. Influence on prices are: color, rarity of color, size, wings or no wings, stripes or no stripes, bumps or nor bumps, thiinness,      thickness, internal flaws, perfection of the shell (highest rating is F++) and more!.
       In the pictures below find our selection of $80 earrings. Colors reflected are not as intense as those in actual shells. Sorry, we try our best.   

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